Posture comparison with BackTpack vs standard backpack with the same load

BackTpack Great for Medical School

I don’t get any kickbacks from BackTpack, but their bags – I found one in my school bookstore and then bought another online – were my go-to in medical school. I was able to keep lunch, snack and personal items (purse) on one side, and my school documents, computer, and some medical supplies on the

Electra A., ND
October 2018

BackTpack is Amazing for a Blind/Visually Impaired Person

This product is amazing! I have been looking for something like this since I became a white cane user over four years ago. As a blind/visually impaired person, our hands are already occupied with our guide dog and/or white cane. We have to bend a lot to care for our dogs who are our eyes

Tracey T
June 2017

BackTpack Facilitates Upright Posture

The unique design of the BackTpack distributes the weight of the contents perfectly between the shoulders and pelvis. Unlike other backpacks which can place their weight on the upper back or unevenly on the torso, the BackTpack facilitates upright posture of the user and supports ease of movement. It is highly recommended for people who

Sandra Rosen, Ph.D., COMS, PT
April 2020

Mom Wants to Start her Child Off Right

3 year old boy wearing red BackTpack Mini doesn't notice he is carrying some books while he is playing naturally

I’m a believer in BackTpack as being a proactive way to teach proper posture and prevent neck and back problems. And as I see it, it’s just like wearing a seat belt in the car or a helmet for bike riding, kids that have grown up with these habits are more likely to continue them

Nichole A.
February 2016

Recommend BackTpack to Patients

First off, BackTpack’s amazing bag design saved my back and shoulders through medical school! I recommend them to my patients who have heavy things to carry on a daily basis. They work great when bicycling and hiking, and when you hang it on the back of a chair – your books, pens, snacks and water

Electro A.
February 2017

Travel Without Pain

w体育I love my BackTpack. I travel a lot. Now without back pain.

Joy H.
October 2018

No Backaches and Safer on Ice

Ten year old girl happy with pink BackTpack 3.1

Thank you for the BackTpack! I liked it for the following reasons: I didn’t have to worry about all my belongings not being able to fit because this backpack has lots of room in it. When it’s icy and times when we have a lot of homework, I don’t have to worry about tipping over

Ayla, Age 10
January 2020

A Great Contribution to the Planet

Lady wearing BackTpack preparing to board a train

“I sure love my BackTpack and have taken it on planes, trains, automobiles, and cable cars! A great contribution to the planet!”

Karla E.
August 2019

Pain Reduced in TMJ, Neck and Shoulders

I completed my Animal Biology Degree at the University of Guelph. Normal backpacks put a lot of strain on my shoulders, neck and back which in turn inflamed my TMJ or temporal-mandibular joint disorder. I found the BTP4 helped fix my posture and reduce the strain on my neck and shoulders, which reduced the inflammation

Michelle, Ontario CA
September 2019

Pain Free Activity

Back T Pack is the best for travel, hiking, sitting on a fast train in Europe and playing frisbee on the beach! Builds good bones and posture, too!It keeps you aligned, balanced and pain free! Yay!

Mary R.
July 2018

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